2014 Year in Review

I knew that this year had been my worst year in the last ten years.  But I really didn’t know until I looked at my stats for the year.  I stepped on the scale right after Christmas and I weighed more than I have in my entire life…185.4lbs.  I could have played tackle for my high school football team.

The year was going well prior to the end of May.  My workouts were on track and I completed the Columbia Triathlon.  I woke up about a week after the race and my right shoulder just did not function…I could not even put on a suit jacket.  I was concerned I had torn my rotator cuff, because I had torn this rotator cuff high school.  Luckily, it was just bad tendonitis.  However, that really ended my year.  I did not even start Eagleman and did no other triathlons the entire year.

I did manage to do most of the Pacers Races over the rest of the year.  But without preparation and not a lot of motivation.

However, seeing a video from Christmas showed me how big had gotten.  That is what lead me to finally getting on the scale.  I have hit the pool and the pavement in the last week, just not the bike yet.  I have also pigged out, but it is Bowl Week and Bowl Week is more important than the Super Bowl.  So Monday I am back in the pool with the Masters and my diet becomes proper again.

Here is my lack of progress for 2014:

  • Running:      84 workouts  293 miles
  • Biking:          42 workouts  388 miles
  • Swimming:   37 workouts 30 miles

I am motivated to do more this year.

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A Little Tuesday Morning Run

There was nothing really special about this mornings run…other than I actually got up and completed it.   I was exhausted last night after not getting much sleep on Sunday night.  I went to bed about 930pm on Sunday and slept very restlessly for about two hours.  For what ever reason I did not get back to sleep until about 230am.  I had my alarm set for 415am so I could get up and hit the Masters workout.  But I knew I needed more sleep.  Back DoorHowever, Monday I was dragging ass.  It was a LONG day.

I hit the bed last night about 8pm.  I slept soundly until midnight.  Luckily I was able to fall back asleep before to long.  Then I was up at 515am today and did some stretching before meeting Money Man (I will call him that because of his job) at 545.  We did a solid 3.5 miles at a nice constant pace.  It felt really good and luckily the rain held off until later in the morning.

My plan for tomorrow is to hit the morning Masters Swim.  Lets just hope I can get a solid night’s sleep.

Until next time

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Sunday Run

This morning I was up early after a night of restless sleep.   I had a cup of coffee and some yogurt for breakfast.   Then I was out the door to meeting Running Buddy.  We did our normal Sunday run through the Del Rey section of Alexandria.  It wasn’t a far run, but neither one of us have run much (or at all) in the last month.  We did a slow 3.43 mile run.  It felt good to get out and break a sweat.

Following the run, I met up with the Bride and some of her friends for a breakfast sandwich.  It is always fun for me to hear her and her friends talk about their up coming races and their goals.  Then it was home for a short nap.

This morning before I headed out the door I actually stepped on the scale for the first time in ages.  I am ashamed to admit I weigh 181.4 lbs.  My goal for the next few months is get down to 170 and firm up.  My stretch goal is 165 and that is a stretch……

Until next time.

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2013 in Review

This morning I actually had some time to sit down and pull my stats from the past year. I knew that 2013 was not a good year for me. However, I did not realize just how little I had done. I also did not realize that I had not posted anything since the end of October. I am really slacking!!!! Just to re-enforce how little I did, my recorded totals for 2013 were:



17.20 mi


23 Activities


5,566 C



472.80 mi


44 Activities

Avg HR:

146 bpm

Avg Bike Cadence:

78 rpm


20,627 C



209.54 mi


60 Activities

Avg HR:

158 bpm


25,897 C

I totaled 128 different activities for a total of 699.54 miles burning 52, 333 calories. That is not very good, which probably why I weigh about 180lbs right now. I have resolved to get to bed earlier, which means I will get up earlier (5am swims are EARLY) and to eat a little better. My issue this past year has been motivation. I know all I have to get back in the habit of working out on a daily basis. I am just not back to that point yet.

I have already signed up for a two races so far. Those will remain a secret for a little while longer. However, these two races already providing some motivation. Tomorrow morning is my first run of 2014 with Running Buddy. It will also be my official first day on the scale. Be scared….be very scared.

Until tomorrow…

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One of the good things about running is it gives you plenty of time to think.  At times that can a bad thing.  I tend to be curmudgeonly….well I am told that, but I don’t really believe it.  However, when ever I run I usually think about things that irritate me.  So Sunday morning when the Bride and I were watching the start of the Marine Corps Marathon.  It is always motivating to watch the start of the race and listen to different reasons why people run races.

  Some of the reasons people were running very motivational.  Others were just flat out annoying.  The one reason that irritates me the most is fund raising.  I know that sounds awful to a lot of people.  So before you attack me, let me finish.  When I listen to a lot of people  I don’t get the sense they are not really doing it to help others.  They do it to make themselves feel good.  I find it offensive to do some for solely to make themselves feel good about themselves.  These are the people who typically get pissed when after the third time I donate to their latest cause I refuse to donate any more. 

I continued to think about this as I drove to meet Running Buddy for our Sunday morning run.  She and I see the world in very different ways, so I always find it interesting to pick her brain.  I figured she would give me 1) some feel good cock-a-mamie reason I would not buy or 2) some legitimate reason I had not thought of.  Surprisingly, she agreed with me.  She has been overrun with people looking for donations and then they get pissed when she is tapped out. 

There is another reason that irritates me will have to wait until later.  I would like to a little research. 

Discuss among yourself. 

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Army 10 Miler or Why I should actually train


This past Sunday was the Army Ten Miler and my fourth time running this great race.  I really enjoy the organization and course.  Plus of course I get to see a lot of old friends. 

The Bride and I went to packet pickup on Friday night so as not to have to deal with the crowds on Saturday.  If you have never run this race then you don’t understand just how crowded pickup can be.  I have seen people wait over 2 hours to get in.  Friday evening is definitely the time go.  We were in and out. 

Sunday we arose at 0500 and were on the road at 0545.  We had to make a stop at a friends house to feed their family cat.  I have to say that canned cat food makes me gag.  This year we decided to park in the parking garage at Pentagon City Mall.  This made getting to the race much easier, not to mention warmer, but getting out was a real pain in the ass.  We linked with our friends and walked over to the race. 

This year I started in the in the last wave with the Bride.  The cannon went off and I jogged along with the masses.  At this point I realized that I need to find a latrine.  I knew there would be some about mile 3, but the beauty of this race is there is a bunch of bushes right after the first bridge.  So me and a few score of others assisted in the irrigation on Route 110. 

After my relief I was feeling pretty good.  I had to keep myself slow because I knew that I hadn’t run more than five miles in months.  Everything went well until right after mile seven.  At that point I started to fall apart and had to walk some.  From mile eight to almost mile nine I picked up the pace again.  I always forget how step  the interstate is right before mile nine.  After mile nine it is down a ramp and on to the finish line.  I ran into to my commander from Afghanistan at the bottom of the hill.  He started before me and I had caught him, so I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I only had another three quarters of a mile to go to the finish line.  I finished the race in 1:42 which is nothing to brag about but much better than I expected.  After the race we linked up our friends and went and had a great brunch. 

For some strange reason, well it is not exactly strange, I just don’t hit the pavement as much as I should.  If I can run a 10 miler at 10 min/mile with very little training all I need to do is TRAIN.   Damn!!!

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Running along the Potomac

So Thursday 10172013morning the Federal Government opened back for business which meant that I could access the parking lot at Belle Haven Marina.  Thank you Park Police for removing the barriers.  However, I don’t think you removed them with the same zeal that you put them up.   This was to be my last run prior to Army Ten Miler on Sunday.  I am not ready for this race.  I have not run more that a 10K in months—and that was just one 10K that I ran with the Bride at her pace.  So my intent of the ATM is gauge where I am as I start to prepare for the Eagleman 70.3.  More that in another post.  Tonight the Bride and I are heading to packet pickup for the ATM.  I am hoping that it is not as crowded as it normally is on Saturday.  More about the packet pick and the race coming soon. 

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